Resort restaurants can look forward to increased business. | S. Cases

In Berlin on Tuesday, the president of the Mallorca Hoteliers Federation, Maria Frontera, acknowledged that all-inclusive packages are returning "with some force" because families want all-inclusive as a way of controlling their holiday spending; she was referring in this instance to German family tourism.

However, she explained that there has been a change in demand for other types of board. In particular, there has been "a sharp drop" in hotel provision of half board (breakfast plus either lunch or dinner). Bed and breakfast or accommodation only are now prevailing. This will therefore benefit the 'complementary sector' of bars and restaurants in Mallorca's resorts. Pointing out that hotels have been opening ahead of schedule, she called on the complementary sector to do likewise.

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As to Mallorca hotel prices for this year's season, Frontera said that increases vary from one hotel to another, "but the average is around 8% compared to last year, well below what some have been saying".