The hotel ended up being completely demolished. | Archive


Pollensa town hall has provisionally fined Inmobiliaria Formentor S.A., the company representing the owners of the Hotel Formentor, 293,919.60 euros for having completely demolished the building.

There is a new administration at the town hall. This comprises PSOE and Més, two of the parties that made up Junts Avançam, the main opposition group from 2019. Junts and other opposition groups had regularly denounced what they felt were irregularities and a lack of transparency in respect of planning procedures.

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The new administration, headed by former Balearic education minister Martí March, points out that different licences that were granted for redevelopment of the hotel did not contemplate its total demolition.

The town hall maintains that Inmobiliaria Formentor S.A. failed to comply with existing regulations, specifically those contained in the Balearic law for urban planning. The company has been given a fortnight to respond.