Dear Sir, I must admit to being somewhat amused and amazed by S.Geerings “14 Reasons to Stay Away ”.

1. Terribly sorry, but it is a greater power than Majorca that controls the weather.

2. Sorry, do they not have the occasional strike in England....?

3. Unless you are of German descent, then yes, it is normal to queue for a bus.

4. One would assume that these visitors came out on a Flight Only “cheapie” since there was no mention made of holiday coaches being available to take them to Santa Ponsa.

5. See note 2.

6. is normally a fact that if you stand still in Palma, a cruising taxi, at the raise of a hand, will find you.

7. See note 1.

8. See note 1. Next time bring something for the kids to do indoors, or entertain them the way we were entertained many years ago, before TV and Videos came along.

9. Having visited this bee-oo-tee-ful island three times a year since 1987, one would think that he would be aware of some of the really minor inconveniences that we, as residents, accept.

10 . See note 9.

11 . Come On !!! Are they really trying to convince us that even after almost 40 visits to this Island, they are still unaware of Timeshare idiots ? (Lucky them!!)

12 . There are ways to complain and ways to not complain. You take your choice and accept the results.

13 . Bye!!!

14 . Double it !!!

Personally, I find it more distressing to notice people running down the island in this manner, when there is so much more to notice that is good about the Island.

Let them try a fortnights holiday in Nigeria, and see how far their bitching would get them.

In Majorca you are going to get the occasional rainfall; you are going to get the occasional bad meal; you are going to get the occasional strike. So what, it is still a wonderful Island to live on.

Ivor Dugdale-Jenkins