Dear Sir,

I have been reading, with interest the excuses and reasons being given, as to why tourist numbers are down this year. Tourist tax, water shortage, power failures etc. As an apartment owner here, I have a couple of other suggestions.

Firstly, the airport. Why don't you put one of your journalists at the airport for a day and get him/her to record people's opinions. I have only heard negative comments regarding the distances involved in getting to and from the main arrivals and departure halls. This is especially bad if you are not as steady on your feet as you once were when younger, also even if age is not a problem, how about 'the walk' with three small children and hand luggage!! Another problem is the general cleanliness. I enclose two photos of a street in Cala Millor - Sou Corp, one of the main streets leading to the beach. The photos were taken first thing in the morning. This was left like this for three days!! I also enclose 2 photos of graffiti covering the sea wall (beachside). It has been there for at least two to three years and nothing has been done about it.

If the local population don't care about their environment how do they expect visitors to? People who visit the island come from clean respectable mainly middle class towns in Britain and Germany, they don't want to pay hundreds of their £*s or DM's to stay in a resort that looks like a 'no go area' on a problem housing estate!! Come on Majorca don't get complacent! If you want to attract “a better class of tourist” (sic), then things will have to improve dramatically or no-one will want to come to what amounts to an open-air tip.

C. D. Griffen (Mrs)
Cala Millor