Dear Sir,

I don't know about you but I am heartily sick of the baseless and unfounded criticism aimed at our present government, the Rainbow Alliance. Most of the critics of this coalition seem unable to perceive the overall scheme of things (the Global Picture) concentrating on typical capitalist based norms of the masterplan.

Those who voted for any part of the whole that has become the Partido Progresso will be aware that, far from breaking pre-election promises, after a year in office they have succeeded beyond even their wildest dreams in implementing their various manifestos, yet, no word of praise is forthcoming from Madrid, as are several members of the opposition Partido Popular including the head of GESA who engineered power cuts on orders from some dark entity outside Majorca to discredit the Alliance. No doubt he will eventually be exposed as a scoundrel in the same way that the Bitel conspiracy unearthed a subterfuge on a scale not seen since WW2.

In particular the enigmatic Sra Rossello, Minister for the Environment, has been slated for the present water crisis, despite her explanation that she did nothing because she thought it would rain. I suppose it is her fault it didn't! Those who ticked her box at the elections are well aware that her lack of action was deliberate and not fumblings of an amateur. Witness her recent article in the German “Green Press” where she states that Majorca needs only 1'200'000 tourists per annum. When the Pacto Progressivo achieves this figure, as they no doubt will if their term in office runs to the end, there will be more than enough water for us all, so who needs desalination plants or more electricity? The same cunning plan neatly takes care of the rubbish problem, so the environmental disaster that is festering at Son Reus is nothing more than a temporary hiccup in the greater scheme of things. No need in the years to come for more motorways as, minus millions of the great unwashed and uncultured, congestion and pollution will become a problem for Turkey, Greece, the former Yugoslavia or wherever the kiss-me-quick hoards choose to pollute.

The much-maligned Tourist Tax, Eco Tax or whatever this superb, well-researched idea is called this week, is yet another example of the foresight this Government has shown. They know better than the International Hotel Conglomerates, Tour Companies and Airlines who have abused the island for decades with their cheap charters and sunshine and fun promises. It is these capitalists who have created every problem that exists in the Baleares today. Just because 80% of the islands' wealth comes from tourism is no reason to take into consideration their opinions and the new P.P. have not.

In the tranquil years to come we will be able to reflect on a Government who dedicated itself to decimating tourism and slashing investment from foreigners, some of whom have attempted to make a profit by speculation! God forbid! Speculation is surely the sole prerogative of Majorcans isn't it? The Germans in particular, who have been publicly targeted from day one by just about every office of Govern Balear, including Hacienda, are leaving in droves and German tourism is dying on its feet, just as planned.

By the next elections we will remember this government's dedication in attempting to purchase ruined farms and huge tracts of land on which Majorca's indigenous plants and animals can flourish as we gaze at the empty hotels, wastelands of derelict bars, the remnants of Magaluf and El Arenal somewhere in the eerie echoes of the empty Son San Joan airport, we may, if we concentrate hear the fading rallying cry of Sra Antonia Munar, “Majorca for the Majorcans.”

A. King
Leaving for the mainland.