Dear Sir,

Y esterday (second day of the sales) I went to Palma to do what most women like doing - shoe shopping! I must have visited every shoe shop in the city! I was astounded when I went into one empty shop on Jaime III near to El Corte Ingles and got the following reaction from one of the sales assistants:
Upon seeing a perfect shoe I took it to the sales assistant who was standing idly, chewing gum, and asked in clear Spanish if they had this in size 40. ”Eh?!” came the loud reply, which is recognisable in any language. She roughly snatched the shoe away from me and pointed to the base showing size 41, then told me that this was the only size they had. I took the shoe, placed it back on the shelf, thanked her with a smile and left the shop.

Even if the shoe had been the correct size, no way would I have given my money to such a rude girl.
Another incident in a shoe shop again on Jaime III a gypsy-looking woman was sat amongst the shoppers, then immediately left -with someone else's purse! The shop assistants fled after her and caught up with the woman who handed back the purse, saying it was a mistake that she had taken it from the handbag on the floor. Shoe shoppers beware!!

Mandy-Jo Walter
Paseo de Illetas