Dear Sir, what has been reported in the News in the last eight months that demonstrates the state of Great Britain? Here are but a few examples.

A white elephant Millennium Dome into which the Government has thrown nearly a billion pounds and then sold for a mere pittance to the Japanese in return for “Euro support”.

A police force that cannot get recruits because the “Do Good and Politically Correct” lobby is stronger than Law and Order and the rights of the criminal assumes a higher priority than that of victims.

Schools that cannot recruit teachers because of the inability to exercise proper discipline and the fear of the penalties that would be imposed should they attempt to do so.

An Army, Navy and Airforce that is strapped for cash, has out dated equipment and cannot get recruits. Planes are grounded from lack of funds and soldiers use their personal mobile phones rather than a secure but unreliable communications system.

A country that cannot generate the technicians, engineers, doctors and hospital staff, etc, required to maintain services and so is forced to look to Third World countries for such experts. Many of our civil aircraft have to be serviced abroad due to the lack of “home grown” technicians.

A Health Service (once the envy of the World) that now ranks lower than some Third World countries. Our elderly receive derisory treatment and in hospitals ”do not resuscitate” seems to have become a norm.

A population that is continually fleeced by the Government by way of direct and “stealth” taxes and where prices clearly indicate a “Rip off Britain”. Particularly highlighted by the current “riots” over the price of petrol/diesel.

And finally, Mr Blair and his “New Labour Government” who dearly wish to take us into Europe with its ailing Euro is the same Government who have presided over everything above.

Anthony Martin.
Eastwood Notts.