HOW dare they impose a tax increase of 10% to cover their total inefficiency. Their years in office have produced still unresolved problems with water, sewerage and refuse - and left us with what? A walkway, used be few, but patrolled all day by a girl in a specially adapted golf cart doing what we might ask.

What were/are their priorities? Building goes on uncontrolled, using more water/generating more rubbish and eventually more sewerage. With Calvia supposedly the richest municipality in Spain, local residents, surely, should be getting a refund, not being asked to pay more (difficult when the Ayuntamiento appears to live way beyond its means). As a business, which they are, their Chairman and Board of Directors (Mayor and Councillors) have proved to be expensively inefficient. Therefore, their shareholders (i.e. we the Calvia taxpayers) should be able to call an Extraordinary General Meeting to propose a vote of no confidence and force them to resign. Now - not at the next election.

A Calvia taxpayer
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