The Spanish armada is long forgotten and the dispute over Gibraltar appears to have been quietly sunk.
Spain and Britain are the best of friends.
Even though both Prime Ministers come from different political persuasions Mr Blair said that relations between the two countries would get better and better.

For the first time Britain appears to have a strong ally in Spain, and Aznar and Blair have both agreed to fight common problems for the benefit of the two countries.

These excellent relations can only help to strengthen trade.
For British expatriates who have made Spain and Majorca their home these excellent ties will cause great satisfaction.
For all of us who have elected to live in Spain it is nice to know that the friendship which we feel for the Spanish people is shared by our Prime Minister.

Gibraltar will always be an issue but it is only a minor one.
There appeared to be far more positive issues which now embrace both countries.
Blair will return to Madrid possibly early next year for another summit and hopefully by then the Tireless will have left and the issue will no longer hinder their negotiations.