Dear Sir, Regarding the proposed ”Eco Tax”, I have a couple of queries to which I haven't seen any answers to date:
1) many tourists like to travel around the island staying in different hotels each night or few days.
Does this mean they have to pay the tax each time they register in a different hotel?
2) Do residents - be they Majorcan or foreign - have to pay the tax if they decide to have a few days break in a hotel on the island?
3) Will non-tourists, ie business people, from the mainland or abroad have to pay the tax when they need to stay in a hotel on business?
4) Will the tourists actually see any results of their “contributions”, or will it be also channelled into non-touristic projects?
Maybe you are in a position to find some answers to these points.
Can Pastilla
Editor's reply: On the first three points the answer is yes. The blue-print for the tourist tax which will be presented to the Balearic parliament states that “anyone staying in a hotel will pay the surcharge.” It does appear that if you move to a different hotel you will have to pay again. As regards your final point, Balearic leader Francesc Antich, has said that the money from the eco-tax will be spent on improvement projects and protecting the environment.