Dear Sir, as I predicted when I wrote about non-hotel guests being refused tickets for the “Grand Fiestas” held every Wednesday in Santa Ponsa during the winter months, I never received a reply from Calvia council or the Mayor, as I said they don't give a damn. That could be one of the reasons why you could count the number of winter tourists in Santa Ponsa this winter on one hand, just about, that and the never ending road works which makes it just about impossible for most businesses to remain open and just how many of them will re-open when the road works is finally finished is anybody's guess but again the Mayor of Calvia takes a high-handed arrogant attitude, witness her comments in the “Bulletin”.

As for not wanting British blood, twice this century Britain and its Empire has shed its blood to save Europe from a new dark age, many members of my family lie on the Somme, at Passchendaele, Dunkirk, Tobruk, over Berlin and various other places post World War Two.

I myself was a regular soldier, served in various post war conflicts and have been highly decorated, hence those two fellows after my name so I know full well the price of democracy.

Having said that, to quote a phrase from a famous TV series that certainly applies to Calvia “It's democracy, Jim, but not as we know it.”

Yours sincerely
S. Dobson. BC.DMM
Santa Ponsa