Dear Sir, I have just read today's edition and the letter of a Mr Roy Cocker, from I assume some place in England.
I don't get to see a lot of Passport to the Sun, as I am out working each day, but when I am able to I do try and watch it, as I do enjoy seeing Majorca and the people that I have grown to know over the last 30 something years (and no I am no elderly granny, I have been going to the island for many years !).

If you read the Bulletin each day when you are there, yes you do get to know the likes of Leapy Lee, and it's nice to catch up with him on the programme and we all know Peter Stringfellow and he would detest being called a “has been” as I would think he is still part of the establishment in London, even at his advancing years! Yes, I admit there are flaws in the programme and it would be nice to see more of the island and landmarks, but it's also nice to see how the other half live, when she goes off with the local estate agents! It's supposed to be light hearted and “fluffy”, it's day time TV , if I wanted a documentary I would not be expecting it at mid day on BBC1.
There is a button on your remote control Mr Cocker, use it, there are a few other channels you can pick from.
In fact if you have cable/digital etc you have a few 100 you can pick, no one is asking you to watch Passport to the Sun.
It has a target audience of those that know and love Majorca, the die hards who go back each year and see the “well kept” faces and locales which they go to. If I want to know about the hotels/resorts I shall tune into Wish You Were Here and Holiday and get the details from them.

Kind regards
Susan Taylor
Edinburgh, Scotland
(by e-mail)