Dear Sir, Bill Bond's article on the Spanish Royal Family (February 8th) contained that tiresome phrase the “Queen of England”.
Elizabeth I was indeed Queen of England, but since the Act of Union of 1800, subsequent monarchs have been Kings or Queens of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales are the other three countries in that Union just in case Mr Bond has forgotten.

The constant reference to the UK as England is guaranteed to raise the hackles of many of us from other countries in the Union and although we are not all Nationalists, it can no longer be any surprise that Devolution leading to eventual independence is the goal of so many British citizens who find themselves ignored and indeed non-existant, according to journalists like Mr Bond - who I assume to be English.

We are ill served by some members of the press who for so long have persisted in attributing the adjective English to most things British.
Does this perhaps date from the demise of the British Empire?
Somehow the English Empire doesn't have quite the same impact.
I am a Scot and also consider myself to be British.
Yours faithfully

Deirdre RudnikInca