Dear Sir, Recent articles in the paper have informed us about the future investments in roads within the Baleares which runs into thousands of millions of pesetas. When will the central and Balearic governments realise that talking about this in the press and magazines, as a voting ploy, is all very well but to put into action what they promise will take a very long time. Often “in season work” has to halt because of the disruption it causes the community. “Out of season work” usually stops because of lay-offs, holidays and illness.
Meanwhile our youngsters are killing and injuring themselves on roads that are poorly laid out.
Entrances to and off motorways are too short; crossing each other's path; too much speed; badly painted roads; cross-roads unpainted; badly placed signs, often hidden; tarmac that is different on many roads so surfacing is precarious, particularly on wet roads and at night.

Also, driving schools that in my personal estimation are not very interested in teaching anticipation road procedures; hand signals; courtesy and consideration; signalling well before the manoeuvre; driver care and many hours of teacher training before applying for a test.

Dramatic numbers of people have died in, and as a result of, car and motor-bike accidents on the island since the New Year and we're only in mid-February. It is time that central and local government speed up their action to bring these figures down. With the large number of motorists on our roads, a crackdown on drink drivers and those who cause accidents, is a must. Stiffer penalties implemented by the courts (if ever the cases can be heard, for there is an enormous back-log).

As cars, motor-bikes, and lorries increase, so should police. Spain and the Baleares need to address these figures immediately. Road statistics are appalling here. Goodness knows what will happen at the Santa Ponsa roundabout when the road works start there...soon.

Yours faithfully

M. Robinson.Calvià