Dear Sir,
In a recent edition of your sister magazine, Mallorca Magazin, dated 26 January to 1st February there was an article about putting the two railways of Palma into tunnels.

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Did you have a report on this in any of your English language bulletins? I normally log on every day and read your online bulletin and often pass on your information to my contacts who are all interested in the railways of Majorca. I know that Germans are generally more interested in the railways than English people are but would dearly like to know more about this particular proposal – electronic translation is even less understandable than the original German !!

Barry Emmott

Editor's note: The local authorities are looking at various proposals to improve the rail system in Majorca at the moment. Already, the rail has been extended to Sa Pobla and Manacor is planned. We have not reported on the proposal you mention above but it sounds like an interesting suggestion. As you probably know the Germans played a crucial role in the setting-up of the railway network in Majorca and they were responsible for the Soller rail-link. Presently the Soller train is privately owned by the Inca railway and is administered by the local government.