Dear Sir,

Reference the article on Wednesday 21st February – title :– The elderly loose out on social welfare.

Congratulations to Señoras Caro & Santiago for bringing such a vital issue to the public, although, many people are very aware of these problems already, and do not know where to go for advice, or they do not get any help from the Social Services secretaries when they do find them.

There is a definite need for more homes for the elderly, ideally there should be at least one in every Ayuntamiento area – provided by these councils, not just for 10 people but up to 30 or 40 residents and include a day centre at the same time. This situation could work very well with good organisation.

All very well having a “purpose built home” but at present we need homes quickly – why not utilise an old house. – maybe four storeys – add central heating and definitely a lift, even if it is installed on an outside wall. What about using the unemployed who are wandering about the streets or prisoners to redecorate the house – many of these people would only be too pleased to do some social work.

Social activities are mentioned for the elderly – but please get more homes going first. The first social outlet in the homes would be people talking together about their lives and experiences etc. and hopefully become friends and help one another.

Yours sincerely
Margaret Drummond