Dear Sir,
Is society so degraded that it takes pleasure in ruining other people's property on a scale that is unprecedented?
Cars that are scratched and scrapped without regard, burned out by bored irresponsible people in the name of this and that.
Grafitti daubed wherever the vandalisers feel the urge. Beautifully restored walls and buildings so painstakingly worked upon, painted, daubed, sprayed with whatever comes into their disturbed bored minds. It's time that “louts” were forced to clean up what they've destroyed. Hard community service. Parents, church, education authorities (if they ever stop arguing among themselves), police. All have an obligation to society. Millions of pesetas are being invested to make the island beautiful, and it's heartbreaking to see the brand new fleet of EMT buses painted with “black hands”. To what end?

On radio I once asked the head of the police department within Palma's municipality, “Where are the police officers? Can we expect more on the streets?” His answer was: Quote, “We increase the police force in summer with the increase of tourism. But we don't want a police-state.” My answer to that was, and still is, with children leaving school too early, and because teachers, trained in the 60s/70s are faced with uncontrollable children, whose parents “don't have time” to talk to their children, help with their mental attitudes and discipline them they are left to their own devices. The results are what we're seeing in society today. Here, there isn't any care about children who arrive late for school or don't attend classes, whose behavioural attitude is unpleasant and mental attitude notably disruptive. Who really cares? If the child doesn't want to study.... says the teacher. It's a pity! But ... we need more from education authorities if the time of rebelliousness, 12 years plus is to be handled.

The youth of our society, once on the streets. learn to drive a motor-bike and car. And with the above attitude could very well end up as a statistic.

Marie Robinson. Calvia