Dear Sir,
I have been looking into Sat TV recently not only for my personal use, but for clients who have until now had SKY on the analogue transmission, which of course is going over to digital. From the outset we have been advised (locally) that a much bigger dish would be needed than the present 80cm one. This presents a certain problem with community of owners for installation etc.

To my surprise, today an owner of apartment in the complex where our office is situated, (who has gone over to digital in the UK) told me has simply brought out a LNB from the UK (20 pounds) fitted it to his existing dish (80 cm) and with the digital receiver he also brought from the UK is receiving signals 100%.

This obviously shows a saving in cost, and takes away the need of the massive dish.
However, the final “catch 22” is that probably the SKY signal on the new digital may be re-directed to only be received in the UK (not even northern France) so any installation may be academic! Personally, I have become increasingly disappointed with the transmissions from SKY, i.e. endless repeats of films, programmes of interest, etc - it seems more “movie channels” are introduced, but limited product just means they are shunted from one channel to another.

On this basis I looked into what was being offered by Spanish digital, always having in mind the “English” accent on programes transmitted.
The best one I have found is VIA DIGITAL where there is no installation cost.
There is an initiual entry fee of 9995 ptas.
At present the monthly subscription is 3450 ptas for each of July and August.
If one wishes to continue the monthly charge rises to 6875 ptas per month; this is cheaper than present cost of SKY.
They offer 40 channels, and included are: BBC World, BBC Prime, Eurosport and MTV.
There are various channels showing films, documentaries, sport, etc and can, by the push of a button, be received in the original version/language, i.e. where applicable (and mainly so with films) in English.

In addition the very latest films on “Premier” can be had by order at 600ptas per viewing, reduced to 400ptas for Wednesdays for some reason (!) and rental (at 600pts) of a film on the weekend allows as many viewings as required for the only charge of 600ptas.

I think it might be good for you to advice your readers as there seems to be some confusion a switch over here for SKY viewing, even whether it may received in the future, which a similar service, overall much cheaper is available via Spanish services, which of course, at least, has the guarantee of continuity.

Best regards

Graham Phillips