Dear Sir,
Regarding your “Viewpoint”, I would like to tell you of my experience with the “Foreigners' office” this week.

Last week, I had my hand bag stolen in the Continente (Carrefour) car park - after 25 years here and being fully aware of the risks, I was just sure it couldn't happen to me!! With my police report and all the necessary requests for obtaining a duplicate Residencia, I arrived at the above mentioned office half an hour before opening time to be confronted by a queue the length of which was mind-boggling I couldn't believe that after the distress of having my bag stolen and losing all my documents, etc, etc, I was expected to join this queue. I left, but returned an hour later to find nothing had changed. The next day, an acquaintance braved the queue for three hours only to be told when it was finally her turn, that there were no more numbers.

Apparently, people are sleeping in the street overnight, so as not to lose their place in the queue. I normally deal with all paper work myself, but I have had to put this in the hands of Gestor as I just cannot afford to lose more time off work etc... Of course, until I get the Residencia sorted out, I can't get a duplicate driving licence etc, etc, On the bright side, I was very impressed by the speed with which my bank (BBVA) dealt with the Visa/Bank account etc.

Gill Smart