Yet again the tourist industry is being held to ransom by coach drivers who are threatening to go on strike at the end of this month. I say yet again, because every summer it is the same story.

The time has come for the tourist industry to negotiate a proper contract with the drivers which is legally binding and valid for a long period.
If the strike goes ahead I forecast it will go as following: striking drivers will gather at the airport on Friday night and make sure there is disruption. There will be some incidents.

By midnight Friday/Saturday the airport will be brought to its knees.
There will not be enough taxis to get tourists to resorts. By 2am talks with shop stewards and management will be called.
The clock is ticking and as Saturday is the big arrival and departure day for the British time is on the side of the strikers. Just when everyone thought that it would be a nightmare Saturday an accord will be reached. This has been the plot and the conclusion to the last two coach drivers' strikes and I can't see things being different this year unless the threatened stoppage is called off.

So the question which must be posed is why does management allow the coach drivers to go on strike because they know that at the end of the day they will have to surrender to their demands. Strikes of these types give the island a terrible image and cause much discomfort and worry. Management should swallow their pride and return to the negotiating table and resolve the dispute.

Jason Moore.