To coin a phrase made famous by the late Victor Meldrew “I don't believe it.” However, I neither find the situation funny.
Perhaps slightly selfishly, but of the 300'000 plus air passengers which face their annual summer break being ruined by the pending Majorcan coach strike next weekend, I will be one, if the strike goes ahead.

Admirably the airport authority AENA is playing tough, threatening to close the airport, cancel and divert flights if the coach drivers block the airport, but what will happen to sunny Majorca if the coach drivers decide to force the airport authority's hand?

I have little sympathy for the coach drivers, after all, the airport is deathly quiet for eight months of the year - but it is the rest of us, and probably the vast majority of the 300'000 holidaymakers and businessmen and women flying in and out of the island next weekend, who have been working all year.

It also has to be asked what the local government is doing. There will be quality tourists on next weekend's flights planning to come to Majorca, play golf and spend lots of money - the Balearic Minister for Tourism Celesti Alomar certainly will not want to upset them, even though he appears to care less about the “mass tourists”. Alomar needs to put his tourist class structure on hold for the moment, it has caused enough trouble overseas as it is, and sort this mess out. The Balearic tourist industry is already under the spotlight from the foreign media and tour operators as it is, from food poisoning outbreaks, water shortages, power cuts, high prices, poor treatment, late ambulances, taxi strikes and all the other complaints which have been reported over the past 18 months, but closing Palma airport could be the straw that breaks the camel's back...and mine.

H. Carter