Infighting between the tourist trade and the government, strikes and a drop in visitor numbers. Yes, Majorca's tourist industry is facing its biggest crisis in a decade. To make matters worse the Balearic government has decided that now is the time for a complete overhaul of the industry. Local minister for tourism Celesti Alomar, whose resignation is being sought, has said that he would like mass tourism to drop by 20 per cent. If he continues to make sweeping statements of this type his dream may be realised sooner than he expects and without government help. I understand that millions of tourists are placing a major strain on the island's limited resources. Beaches and roads are crowded and public amenities are at breaking point. The local government wants the tourist industry to go up-market and attract fewer tourists but with a higher spending power.

But to do this more than words are needed. Hotel and restaurant staff will have to be re-trained, quality increased within the industry, beaches kept to a higher standard. And not forgetting that every tourist resort in the world would like to attract high-spending tourists so if Majorca feels that it has competition now, then just wait and see when it tries to go up-market. I think what is happening to the industry at the moment is a mortal shame. It is amazing how such a small group of people can do such a large amount of damage. Get real, Majorca. Settle your differences and then decide what you want to do in the future. If a new model for the industry is wanted it will need the support of everyone not just a few.

Jason Moore.