Dear Sir,
We have been regular holiday-makers to Puerto Pollensa for many years now and have just recently returned from our annual summer holiday.
We stay in the Tomas Apartments and regularly use the beach on Carrer de Colon which stretches along to the Illa D'or Hotel. For the first time we had to complain about the state of the beach and to our disgust we discovered that the Council only clean the beaches where there are sun-beds and umbrellas for hire. It is galling to think that we pay a lot of money to stay in the exclusive Pine Walk and this is how we are treated.I hope this problem will be dealt with so that we can enjoy the beach the same as other holiday-makers.

The Hall Family.Glasgow,Scotland

To Pixie Skase

As an Australian now living in the USA, I would like to say how pleased I am to read that your country took in a fellow Australian and let him stay there. The witch hunt I guess will now be on to get Pixie who I'd say needs the VC pinned to her for the loyalty she had to her husband till the end. It is indeed a sad story ending. I lived and worked in Brisbane Qld Australia when Quintex failed (that's life). My sympathy goes out to Pixie and I just now hope she can piece her life together and move on, she deserves this for her commitment to her husband and best friend.


Phillip Earle