Dear Sir,
I read with interest the short letter from Rich in your edition dated Friday August 17th, my wife & I have had a few visits to Majorca, staying in Alcudia, Santa Ponsa and for three years Can Pastilla where we found by chance a lovely hotel, well situated away from the lager swilling visitors who no doubt come from my own country and as is the case when they go abroad let the side down.

Anyway that's by the way, our two weeks holiday was spent listening to people who we met in the past boasting about how little they spent on their travel and hotel most having had special offers of two for the price of one, 45% off, free this that and the other. I wrote to our travel agent who replied nothing to do with us, it is the tour operator. I wrote to the tour operator at the same time who said they would investigate and get back to me, that was a month ago and have heard nothing since.

We will be back next year, god willing as I have cancer, but I will be asking every tour operator a price and trying to get two for one but my only regret will be that if everybody gets reduced prices, will the hotels suffer as their income will also be reduced.

A friend/workmate is on the island at the moment so if Pat Diamond reads this paper I hope he and his family are enjoying Alcudia.

John C Young. Perth PH1 3AJ. By e-mail