Tourists clean the beach themselves Dear Sir, Pollença Sadness - continued (from July 18) We have been going to Pollensa for many years and paying a lot of money to stay on the Pine Walk. This year we were disgusted to find the little beach Carrer de Colon dirty and smelly. We found out from the Council, they now DO NOT clean beaches unless they have sun-loungers on them. Are we now expected to clean the beaches? We did so by borrowing a rake which cost 500ptas and doing it ourselves and have photographs to prove it! So much for up-market Pine Walk, Puerta Pollença. I have also written to the Director of Tourism. Any comments?


E. Currie. Greenock, Scotland

Praying for a date to disarm
I read Ray Fleming's Viewpoint on Wed, 15th, and feel compelled to reply re his Northern Ireland article. That man has no platform to comment on a subject that he has no knowledge of. IRA statement “completely and irrevocably out of use”. I wonder why we do not believe them? Perhaps it's the three years waiting, hoping, and praying for a date to disarm; but no, always more concessions, still no date. Are we supposed to jump with joy at this latest ploy? I think not. So what happened? The IRA withdrew their latest offer, blamed David Trimble, and are now waiting for Tony Blair to jump to their demands. The Unionist party had no other road to take. For three long years we have heard the same old story from Sinn Fein -- more time, more time. Time has run out and the sooner we are back to direct rule the better, for we have nothing to fear, but the Republicans have. If Mr Fleming thinks I am harsh on his article, then I would like to tell him that his words offend.

Yours sincerely,

A Bulletin reader from N. Ireland