Dear Sir,
Lynn Tipper-Jones in her reply to Kate Nicholas' letter, appears to have missed the point.
As she herself states, Castilian and Catalan are co-official languages in Spain.
However, only one, Castilian, is universal throughout Spain, which is why the Spanish Constitution decrees that all Spanish citizens have a duty to learn Castilian, and a right to use it.

By sending important information out only in Catalan, Snr Antich is denying us that right.
We have kept out obligation, he should keep his.
Yours faithfully

John D Tombs

Surprised at dirty Port de Pollença

Dear Editor,
Having been regular visitors to Port de Pollenca for many years, we have been concerned and surprised to find the town in such a dirty state this Summer.

The streets are strewn with litter, the square looks completely uncared for and then to cap it all, there has been raw sewage in the sea between Pine Walk and the Hotel Diana (and in this day and age there is no excuse for this.)
We were not alone in our decision not to eat in the Port at night because we couldn't face having to dodge the piles of rubbish that lined the streets every evening.

Surely tourist income must be re-invested to prevent further deterioration of an area which used to be considered the prettiest of the island.
Please do something to improve the situation in Port de Pollenca - before it's too late.

Lynn and Andy Wassall. By e-mail