The buck stops with me. These are words which the leader of the local government Francesc Antich should learn. He has spent the summer attacking the leader of the Spanish government, Jose Maria Aznar, who has been on holiday in Minorca. As far as he is concerned all the ills in the Balearics can be traced to the central administration in Madrid. The rise in unemployment is dismissed as being “inaccurate” eventhough the figures are compiled by the Ministry for Employment. The problems the tourist industry has been experiencing are also dismissed in a similar sort of fashion. It appears that the regional authority is not taking responsibility for anything. How can you dismiss unemployment figures? The time for excuses, claims and allegations has long gone. This coalition government has been in power for almost 24 months. It was heralded as a fresh start after 12 years of conservative rule. All the interest of the people of the Balearics should be represented by the five-party coalition. The time has come to start governing and making decisions and stop trying to hide behind feeble arguments which if the state of affairs was not so serious would be laughable.

Sr. Antich you have been appointed leader of the local government, well start leading the Balearics, please.

Jason Moore