Hair-pins and pen-knives are being removed from passengers who are later offered a meal aboard their flight with steel cutlery. This ridiculous state of affairs is not widespread but some airlines are still using steel knives and forks while airport duty free shops still have pen-knives on sale. In the light of the terrible attacks in New York and Washington it is necessary and only normal that airlines increased their security but I still believe that some are being rather hypocritical. You can't smoke on airlines any longer but you are encouraged to buy duty-free cigarettes, you are told not to drink in excess but there is nothing to stop you buying two bottles of whisky. The list goes on. Airlines are now being bailed out by their respective governments because insurance premiums are so high, but will this taxpayers' money be returned at some later stage? I think you can safely say that the events in New York and Washington will mean the end of cheap air travel. Oil prices are rising and airlines' overheads are higher. But once the good times return again for air travel, will all these new safety checks and arrangements remain in place?

Once the dust has settled I think airlines should start taking a close look at their industry and start planning for the future. I think the idea of air marshalls is a good one because there is a need for more security. Smoking should be banned along with the sale of alcohol and other duty free items. Airport security must be increased. All these aspects will take their toll on air travel but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Jason Moore