Dear Sir,
The mother of a German friend had her pension arbitrarily reduced because she moved to Majorca. Another had his child entitlement stopped. Yet another was refused re–imbursement by the German Health Minister of his prescription glasses he bought (more cheaply) in Brussels. British citizens buying duty paid cigarettes and wine in Calais must pay import taxes to take them home to Britain. Others have their cars taxed when they move within Europe. All violations of the Treaty of Rome. Any pensioners living in Majorca have the same pension and benefit rights here as in England, no more, no less. The German pensioner sued and got her pension returned, the father finally got his child benefits backdated to the birth of his boy. The German with his glasses sued and now all Germans can now enjoy their health and dental care in Majorca and claim the money back from their insurance. The moral is, if we want a better Europe, we have to work for it. If England does not like the Treaty it signed, it is free to leave Europe. However, if England stays in, it should start to obey the law and not refuse pensions and benefits and not tax duty paid goods twice. To take Minister Mr. Wicks to court is the best way to create a free Europe. To lose ones pension rights when moving in Europe violates the Right to Free Movement in Europe. Punishing those pensioners who move in Europe by reducing their benefits represents a financial barrier to moving, a violation of European law. The good Minister cannot be more wrong. A case against Mr. Wicks would succeed in the European Court, the British Government would have to pay all costs.

Yours sincerely

Dr. G. Bonsall. Dental Surgeon. Puerto Alcudia.

Council is out of touch

Dear Sir,
Your latest article on Calvia Council's recent attempt to control noise shows just how out of touch they really are. Not content with over-riding their own laws regarding noise between June and end of September, those of us unfortunate enough to be resident on c/Arq. Frsco. Casas, Bendinat, along with the noise from four jackhammers, 1 piledriver, several bulldozers, and heavy lorries too numerous to mention, working from 8-8, six days a week from the beginning of August, now that the children have returned to school, have to listen to/put up with loud music 2-3 times a day and someone at the school practicing playing bongo drums between the hours of 2 and 3.30 (so much for siesta time!).

Isn't it high time they put their own house in order before starting on the bars and hotels (yet again). How about leading by example and not their rule of ‘do as I say, not as I do' -or is that beyond their intelligence?

Those people unfortunate enough to be resident at the five-star Ofra Hotel, along with those of us who live here, must be asking: why did we choose to spend our money on Majorca and Calvia in particular, as it seems they're quick enough to take our money, but equally quick to ignore any complaints we may have?

Calvia Council - You are a Disgrace - and should be ashamed of yourself, (instead of patting yourself on the back and publicly proclaiming how marvellous you are!)
Roll on election time!

May Irving. Calvia.

A disgrace

Dear Sir,
My travelling companions and I were disheartened by our recent “fleecing” at a restaurant in the Plaza Mayor Square in Palma on Monday, September 17, 2001. Working our way to the Cathedral we decided to stay in the square to enjoy the street entertainers and have lunch. The restaurants were all busy so we were not surprised that we had to wait to look at a menu, but the amount of time it took for our order to reach us was incredibly long. Nothing prepared us, however, for our final bill (which I have included).

For the past ten days we have eaten at various restaurants and have enjoyed a beer or two in each of them in Pollensa, Port of Pollensa, Alcudia, etc and the price ran between 300-350 for similar sized glasses. At this establishment, however, we were charged 625 pesetas per beer. I write to you in hopes of warning other tourists to beware of restaurants that do not list the prices of drinks (beware also of 25 ptas per item charge for terrace seating).

God willing, my companions and I will be able to return to your beautiful island and to hosts at establishments that do not take advantage.

Rose Mary Callinan. New York.