Dear Sir,
Having read Mr Jardins letter regarding the tourist tax I have to say that I find it really deplorable at the way the Balearic government are going about treating the many visitors that come to the Islands. It is even more despicable the way they are going to be treating the many oaps who not only come from the United Kingdom but from all over the world. Many pensioners will have to think twice before booking now as I know that many come from my homeland (Scotland) to get away from the harsh winters that we have and not just for a week or two but for a few months which will amount to a fair amount of money that many can not afford. These people I know are now looking at other options. Even the Spanish oaps will have to fork out unless on a government sponsored holiday. This is a disgrace and I hope that you may allow me to air my disgust in your paper. I have spent the last 12yrs holidaying in Palmanova with my wife and daughter and will pay the tax and continue to do so under protest but to deal with pensioners in this way has really disgusted me.

Mr. R Currie. Fife, Scotland

Why levy the tax only on hotel guests?

Dear Sir,
I am amazed how people can write letters to the Daily Bulletin without the full knowledge of what they are writing about. (Paul Volk re. the ecotax). The ecotax or tourist tax, as it also miscalled, is to be levied on ALL tourists who stay in hotels and depending on the category of the hotel will depend on how much they pay each day. In my hotel of one star it will be about fifty centimos daily, per tourist. The government picked the hotel industry as it is the biggest segment of Majorcan tourism and the easiest to control because we have regular annual inspections. Why the hoteliers have been so against the tax is because it is unjust. Why levy the tax only on hotel guests? A hotel already pays IVA and other taxes which the private sector of fincas, chalets and apartments do not pay. If the government had called it an airport tax and diverted the money to ecological causes there would have been no fuss what so ever. However, after talking to another Spanish hotelier and tour operator today he assured me that, after Thursday's (today) meeting between the government and the hoteliers, the tax will not be levied this year. Sr. Antich does nor want to be blamed for the possible disastrous season that is predicted this year. Accountability hurts!

Yours sincerely,

Bill Watson. Hotel Rosamar, Palma