Great British euro farce What an absolute farce the so-called euro debate is in Britain at the moment. The “No” campaign are already off and running and curiously enough all the MPs which appear in the Hitler advertisement come from Tony Blair's own party. While the PM is anxious to join the European currency party there is no official Yes campaign yet. Everybody knows that Tony Blair wants to join the euro but no-one knows why. Britain has one of the highest levels of economic growth of any European nation, one of the lowest levels of unemployment, inflation appears under control and low interest rates. Meanwhile, the rest of Europe is on the edge of recession, with high unemployment and clouded prospects. Taking all this into account I am sure that Britain would pass the five economic tests needed to join the single currency. It is time that Blair came clean and start to organise the “Yes” campaign, because, whatever opinion poll, you read the British public are sceptical. When you've got people like Bob Geldof campaigning for the no vote, those who are undecided may just think twice, because Geldof may be a lot of things but he is no little Englander. The use of Hitler in the campaign is outrageous but when you see who is backing it, it just makes you wonder. I just think it is time that the euro debate got underway in Britain. It shouldn't be about cricket, who won the war, it should be about real issues. Real issues, which at the moment are not at the forefront of the debate because there is no guidance from the government. I watched in amazemenet on Thursday night as John Prescott launched a scathing attack on Rupert Murdoch and his anti-Euro stance. And we all know who Mr. Murdoch backed at the last election. I've had enough of the wait and see policy. I am tired of waiting. It is time for action. No more spin, let's just have an honest debate and then a referendum.

Jason Moore