Dear Sir,
I have recently returned from a holiday in Puerto Pollensa, we have stayed before and enjoy it. However I noticed an article in your newspaper entitled “Just what has happened to Puerto Pollensa” and in a small but important way can sympathise with this. We stayed in an apartment near the corner of Carrer de Pere Melia (near Trios restaurant) and every morning at about 5.30am the large Recycle bins, not the domestic bins, were emptied by a contractor with more noise than I can describe. Sometimes another collection would be made around 7.30am with exactly the same noise. It was impossible to sleep through and would be heard for many streets around. Who wants to be woken at 5.30am every morning on their holidays? To verify if it was just me being over sensitive I spoke to other holiday makers in nearby apartments. I will not repart exactly what they said but their views were more forthright than mine and several said they would not be returning. Clearly the collecting company have a route at that time of the morning so you can multiply by 5 or 6 other collecting points with similar noise at a similar time effecting people in the same way. People who may not visit again. A small amount of thought could let holiday makers sleep until 8.00am and send people home wishing to come back to Puerto Pollensa another year which is not the case at the moment.

David Gibbon, Somerset

Editor's note: following all the complaints we've received about Puerto Pollensa the Bulletin will run an indepth account of the area's problems and the views of the people who live there in this weekend's Bulletin.

Antich's antics

Dear Sir,
Last Thursday's edition reported that Majorca's wonderful President has now got the “eco-friendly” public transport “under control”. Of course he has! The railway already has 23 filthy, smelly, noisy diesel-powered units and there are to be a further 4 more. That's just the trains. Friday's Paper assures us that yet more diesel buses are to be added - to the No.4 route in Palma (to the large number already there). By “ecofriendly” he obviously means giving them that lick of yellow and red paint - plus the TIB logo. Very good! We used to come to the island for its wonderful clean air. Oh dear. And more recently, in yesterday's Bulletin the issue of solar power. From memory, apart from Sun, hasn't Palma also got a few old windmills - like hundreds of them? What with the Sun and the wind, couldn't Majorca be in the van of European green energy generation? For a start, you don't need diesel trains, whatever colour they're painted! Come on!

Richard Harding, Oxford. By e-mail