Dear Editor,
G. Philips' comments in Sunday's Bulletin touch on, what surely must be, the next step we can all take regarding Puerto Pollensa and Majorca. What we desperately need though, is full information on the various political and municipal parties. We can then cast our votes in the right direction. Could The Bulletin run a series on this topic, including who has the right to vote, in which elections and where and when to vote. I am sure this will clear a lot of the fog that exists around this subject. Many thanks to The Bulletin for being our voice. Kind Regards,

J. Taylor, Puerto Pollensa

Thanks for the suggestions, watch this space as elections draw near. Ed.

Smelly Pollensa

Dear Sir,
Much criticism has been levied on Puerto Pollensa this year. As a long term visitor here (every year since 1959) I must agree with the general theme(s) of this criticism. I do feel that the Llenaire area has not been highlighted enough. The facts are that we have a most beautifully crafted (I would assume at not inconsiderable expense) noticeboard erected on our seaweed “beach” by the Secretaria de Estado de Aguas y Costas together with two other august bodies the “Rehabilitation of the LittoraL - EMERGENCY Works.” I was always under the impression that the word emergency is supposed to convey some sense of speed - absolutely no work has been carried out since the November storms some 8 months ago resulting in smells which are especially revolting during rainy days but are still present at normal times, together with the fact that the water is totally inaccessible due to the vast height of the seaweed. This does not only affect the tourists as this area is a favourite spot for the locals' picnics on Sunday not to mention the annual village lunch on the beach during the Fiesta del Virgen del Carmen which had to be relocated to the square in front of the Guardia Civil station. Finally if this crie de coeur fails could somebody please remove the noticeboard so that we can forget the idiocy of it and moreover it blocks our view of Cap des Pinar! Yours sincerely,

Alister M. Bottomley, Port de Pollença

Do something!

Dear Sir,
I have commented in the past about the state of Puerto Pollensa and its decline. Now with the arrival of Burger King, and the proposed arrival of both KFC and McDonalds, it seems that the local council are spelling out what they see as the future for our once lovely Port. Is there anything that can be done? Come on residents, please do something!!!

Nick Blustin. By e-mail