Dear Marc Fosh Can you give me some ideas for some exciting Mediterranean/tropical sandwiches, the summer in Britain is just not happening and I want to liven up my short lunch breaks. Thanks.

Kathy Fuller. Brighton

Dear Kathy,
The first thing you should do to liven up your sandwiches is to get away from normal sliced bread and ring the changes. How about trying pitta bread filled with harrisa chicken and a garlicky yoghurt dressing or guacamole with smoked salmon. Mexican type “salsa” works really well as sandwich fillings. Choose good crusty bread like ciabatta and try diced mango, papaya, coriander and chilli with tuna or cooked sweet corn with diced tomatoes, spring onions, garlic, olive oil and roast pork. How about mango with Brie and air-cured ham or Mozzarella with tapenade and roasted red peppers. “Pan bagna”, from the south of France is a favourite of mine. Literally meaning wet bread, all you have to do is cut a small, round loaf or a ciabatta in half and scrape out most of the inside. Fill this with chopped tomatoes, spring onions, peppers, olives, capers and anchovies and drizzle with a little olive oil and red wine vinegar. Replace the top and serve. It's a Nicoise salad in a roll and it's wonderful. *Marc Fosh is the resident chef at Read's Hotel in Santa Maria and was Sa Punto Travel Guides's Chef of the Year Majorca.
He also holds regular cookery workshops and demonstrations tel: 971 140261