Dear Sir, Regarding Susan Ryan's letter (MDB, Saturday) criticising the Bulletin for its coverage of Puerto Pollensa, the condition, poor state of affairs, etc. etc. I, for one, think the Bulletin is doing just what the responsible press should do, ie expose a bad situation and through the ensuing publicity, hope to achieve improvement.

Because Majorca is experiencing a small drop in tourism this year is no excuse for sweeping under the carpet the inexcusable faults that exist, and probably contribute in themselves to tourists not returning. The situation in Puerto Pollensa did not happen overnight.

It will be interesting to hear the response of the responsible parties, local authorities, on Tuesday in the Bulletin, but I am not holding out much hope, as in the words of Ross Perot, getting an admittance of incompetence, and a real plan for immediate action, will be akin “to teaching an elephant to tap dance”.

Yours sincerely. Graham Phillips