Dear Sir,
We own an apartment in Illetas and have recently returned to the UK after a 3 month stay. During all of this time I have followed with interest the numerous letters and articles published concerning the need for action in Puerto Pollensa.

After your recent interview with the Mayor, it is to be hoped that improvements will shortly be noticed.
Now, and following up on the letter of J. West concerning the sea pollution at Cala Major, can I add my voice for the call for another “crusade” by the Bulletin. During the 5 years that we have lived part of the year in Illetas, I have never seen the sea in such a disgraceful state and on an almost daily basis, as it has been these past months. Every conceivable item of rubbish and refuse can be detected on the surface and to scuba and see what happens below the water is a ONCE ONLY experience. Even though previous years have seen the odd day of pollution, it now seems to be the norm rather than the exception.

Others more knowledgeable than I say that local hotels are to blame, yet others that it is the yachts and pleasure craft from Portals and other marinas right up to Palma itself. Whoever or whatever is the cause, please can some authority take up the challenge and bring the sea back to a healthy and acceptable standard.

It belongs to all and should not be allowed to be polluted by a minority of selfish individuals.

Thank you in anticipation of your help

Best regards

Brian R Fullicks

Editor's note. Dear Mr. Fullicks, thank you for your letter and input. We have received many complaints about the Calvia area, which as you know includes Illetas, from our readers and we intend to interview the Mayor of Calvia, Margarita Najera, in which we aim to raise all complaints which we have received. I hope that the state of the sea did not spoil your holiday on our lovely island.

Fast food will only lead to a fast exit

Dear Sir,
I have read with interest the various articles regarding Puerto Pollensa, and agree with most of the criticism.
However I was rather surprised at the interview between yourself and the Mayor, that the subject of fast food outlets was not addressed.
I have yet to know of a resort anywhere that was enhanced by the inclusion of one of these establishments. I have been visiting the port for seven years, and very much hope that my children and grandchildren will continue the tradition, but we do not leave the UK to holiday in a resort that if something is not done will be not much different to dozens of “Tacky” resorts scattered around Europe, full of cheap fast food joints and all that follows.

The choice lies with the Mayor and other governors of the Island, do they wish to keep the magic of Puerto Pollensa, or go for the easy option and introduce the lower level holiday resort !! Our choice as tourists is very easy, there are hundreds of classy family resorts to choose from and the only losers will be Puerto Pollensa and Majorca.

If the present Mayor can't make the correct decisions or have “Vision” of what we as tourists wish, then like one of your previous articles regarding Marbella, a change of Mayor might be the better option.

We are all very appreciative of your action on our behalf, but most people's opinion that I have talked to after your report, was that it was full of typical political non–answers that we have all become so tired of back home... So what about the fast food outlets, what is the position of this present Mayor, and what decisions have been taken, can we have an answer please?

Chris Cameron

Editor's note. Thank you Mr. Cameron. I did raise the issue of fast food outlets with the Mayor of Pollensa and she suggested that she had no knowledge of any more fast food chains planning to open in the port. Her words, and I quote were “there is no room.”