Dear Sir,
I have just returned home after another great 3 week holiday in Alcudia, (every year for the last 15 years) and I feel I must make comment and congratulate the local council for the way they have improved the resort over the years. Everywhere was much cleaner than before and the road improvements make travelling around much smoother.

Yours faithfully

Ernest Coleby. Newcastle U.K. By e-mail.

Excellent holiday in Puerto Pollensa

Dear Sir,
We have just returned from yet another excellent holiday in Puerto Pollensa, (we have been coming since 1987 and have missed only three years). Yes we have seen a lot of changes during that time, having missed the last two years we have noticed the deterioration of some of the beaches, weed has been piled high in some places, stones and rocks mixed with the sand, but hey look on the bright side the atmosphere and scenery of the area is still fantastic, it was like a homecoming. “Mr Helados” as the children have affectionately called the gentleman who sells ice cream from his box every day along the beach, the best ice cream I have tasted. As to the critisism of the refuse collection, we must remember we are just visitors and life must go on for the locals as normal. We (the tourists) do bring a lot of extra money and hopefully this should be used to finish off pavements which can at times be very dangerous in their unfinished state. I for one will be returning to the area, it's too lovely a place not to come back to. Yes changes do need to be made, but please do not spoil what is truly a gem in a really lovely island.

Yours respectfully,

Paula Duke. Norfolk.