Dear Sir,
Unfortunately I can personally voucher for the sharp increase in crime in the Baleares - “New war on rising crime” in Thursday's edition. For over 20 years we have not had a single break-in into the apartments we run. Last year we had our first. The crazy thief had climbed up to the second floor in the early hours. He was disturbed by the holiday maker making a call of nature and escaped by jumping some 6 metres from the balcony to waste land below. Severely winded he was unable to move for 10 minutes. The police took 15 minutes to turn up so could not apprehend the felon. This holiday family who has been with us every year since 1993, as promised, has not returned.

Last week in the Daily Bulletin a neighbour of ours in Can Pastilla reported an attempted robbery of a drunk tourist passed out in the Church Square.
Despite repeated phone calls the police did not turn up for over an hour. I gave the press cutting to the local police who, when pressed, said it was the responsibility of another section. So far this year our apartments have suffered 2 more robberies and no police have turned up at all despite there being clues as to the perpetrators.

I went twice to the station to report the crime but with a queue of 10 people in front I eventually made the complaint through a telephone help line. In fairness to them I estimate there were 8 officers engaged in handling the paper work. With office personnel these men could have been out on the beat.

We all need to work together to squash this ill before it squashes us.

Mike Lillico. Playa de Palma

The fast food debate

Dear Sir,
Having just returned from two wonderful weeks holiday in Sa Coma with my wife and two children, I see the debate about fast food chains still continues in the letters page.

While my wife myself enjoy Majorcan cuisine immensely and I don't mean the food served up in the large number of “British Pubs/Cafes” we feel places like Burger King, McDonalds and KFC have their place.

They proved extremely useful in satisfying my 11 year old daughter on three occasions and I'm sure I speak for many of the parents of young children.
They must be seen as an oasis in the desert to a small child who can relate them to home and to parents a relief that they won't worry about little Johnny or Jane starving for two weeks because they don't like the way the local taverna cooks their chips!!! When we visit what is our favourite Island we, like many other parents want our children to be happy and enjoy their holiday as much ourselves and if one fast food restaurant provides this enjoyment then what is the problem.

Remember the children who visit Majorca today are the Holiday makers of tomorrow.


David Taggart