Dear Tiffany,
I have visited the three Balearic Islands over the last 10 days and have found them to be completely different. Could your department promote package holidays to all three. The flying distance is minimal and I am sure that people would welcome the Balearic experience. Coming from an island myself I know all about the rivalry which exists but in the Channel Islands we have made great attempts to promote our islands as one. Perhaps the Balearics could do the same.

John Vaux. St. Hellier.Jersey

Dear John Vaux,
Thank you for your letter describing your tour of all the islands in one adventurous holiday. While we believe it is important that each island is promoted individually, and that a bit of competition is healthy, we also believe in promoting the Balearic Islands as a region.

This year we launched our corporate image with just that idea in mind. Each island is very different and we make a point of highlighting their differences, each with its own character and flavour, particular scenery and atmosphere. Your holiday is an example of a growing trend we are seeing towards more individually planned holidays, with discerning visitors making their own accommodation and travel arrangements. Your recent experience is indeed worth sharing as a challenge for those who enjoy island hopping.

Dear Miss Blackman,
My husband and I have just returned from a 10 day holiday in Majorca. It has been a while since we have visited the island. We are planning to buy a holiday apartment here and will be returning in the winter for a mixture of house hunting and a holiday. We have been told the island is dead during the winter. Do events take place and will we be bored?

Sheila Atkins. Rosyth. Fife

Dear Sheila Atkins,
What a wonderful opportunity you have given me to extol the virtues of our island in the winter! Although it will depend on your interests, I very much doubt you will be bored.
There is a wide range of events, cultural activities, exhibitions and art galleries, historical sites and natural parks to enjoy. An extraordinary ballet season, a full opera season and organ recitals and concerts in many churches.

There are auditoriums which offer theatrical and musical performances to cater for all tastes. It is also a perfect time to explore the more remote parts of the island, visit local markets, craft fairs and fiestas and of course not forgetting local restaurants and cellers who offer seasonal specialties and delights.

Antique fairs are dotted around the island.
Sporting activities and events take place throughout the winter, cycling, hiking, birdwatching, sailing, golfing, football, cricket....if you want, there is the Son Moix stadium where Real Mallorca play and the trot racing on Sundays at Son Pardo race track, also just off the Palma ring road.

Also there are many associations and clubs for social activities such as bridge, chess, snooker...and you can relax in any of our growing number of health and beauty spas.

It may not please your husband, but shopping in Palma is wonderful all year round though even more so at Christmas time (you can send him off to enjoy a guided walking tour around historic Palma whilst you shop). And why not do as John Vaux did and do some island hopping?

Majorca in winter is a delight! The sun shines most days and the countryside is green and beautiful.
For more information: www., your local tourist office, and the British consulate for social associations.

Dear Tiffany,
The growth of the no frills airlines means that tour firms are becoming less dominant. Don't you think you could exploit this market.

Kind regards

Anthony Thorpe. London

Dear Anthony Thorpe,
You are absolutely right about the growth in the no frills airline market.
While the tour operators can always be expected to dominate the peak summer season, and the school holiday period, this new competition is helping to widen our market for those who prefer to travel independently and increasingly outside high season when it is possible to discover the many alternative attractions which the islands have to offer, whether they be cultural, sporting or even gastronomic.

We have increased our public and press relations, we are marketing to more segmented markets and developing our website so that anyone coming to the islands can get all the information they might need so they can enjoy their visit fully.