Dear Sir,
I have just returned to the United Kingdom from an enjoyable two week break in a villa near to Cala D'Or.
I read the Bulletin most days and feel I would like to comment on the issue of visitors to the Island.
I have visited many times and have had the opportunity to explore most parts. Considering that tourism is vital to the local economy I believe that pandering to one particular nationality, by a specific resort, is detrimental over a period of time.

This is not the case in Cala D'or I hasten to add, I found it pleasingly cosmopolitan.
However, courtesy of the inclement weather, I had the opportunity of driving around to view some of the few resorts not seen before. Cala Millor made an impression for all the wrong reasons, it seemed geared up for the German tourist, not that I have a problem with German tourists, it's just a shame to see menu boards primarily written in German not Spanish or Majorcan.
Similarly restaurants, bars and shops greet you in German. I have encountered this before in other resorts e.g. Can Picafort.
Some friends have just returned from a two week family holiday in Cala Millor and they found the same.
I do not wish to stay in a resort catering for a single nationality, whether it be German, British or any other, I am in Spain (sorry Majorca) for heavens sake.

Of course the effects of this are that if the economy of the country that mainly occupy a resort is suffering so will the resort, all your eggs in one basket springs to mind.

Another point to consider is how tourists are treated by restaurateurs and bar staff.
They would do well to see how their predecessors operated 30 years ago when tourists were not taken for granted. This was brought home to me whilst holidaying in Northern Cyprus last year, nothing was too much trouble and service was superb, along with prices.

I should end on a positive note, I will certainly visit Cala D'Or area again.
It was clean, lots of variety of bars and restaurants, reasonable prices (not cheap) and very good taxis.
Apart from the unsettled weather and the atrocious storm my expectations were exceeded.

Julian Rivers. 13 Gibson Crescent, Bedworth, Warwickshire, CV12 8RP. United Kingdom.

You just can not ban fast food chains

Dear Sir,
May we clear up once and for all, the opposition to fast food restaurants in Puerto Pollensa.
Bars, cafeterias and restaurants have been doing take away food in the port since I can remember, but more importantly, it would be unlawful to ban chains such as McDonalds, KFC and Burger King from opening outlets in the port.

Local bylaws may be able to impose certain restrictions on frontages, external seating etc. and as long as such requirements are met, there is not a thing you can do folks.
I live opposite and next to two such outlets and the only problem is the rubbish created, but the street cleaner comes daily and sweeps it all up.
That is one of the amenities for which I pay my yearly dues.

Yours faithfully

Chris Hanson. Palma