Dear Sir,
I have been following the “Puerto Pollensa” letters to The Bulletin with great interest. My wife and I have had a holiday home in Bellresguard for almost 20 years and regard ourselves to be “honorary citizens”.

We pay our Town Hall tax and follow events in the life of the town with great interest and take this opportunity to add our views to the debate as to what needs to be done.

1. Despite much work to the sewer system at several places along Pine Walk there is still a strong smell of sewage.

2. The lights along Pine Walk are not very reliable, often several are not working. The beaches at Pine Walk end of town need more sand and regular cleaning.

3. The tree surrounds in town pavements are dangerous because they are lower than the paving. Could they be brought up to paving level with soil or stones?

4. Can we stop the “pedlars” selling along the Promenade in the evenings? This activity is more suitable to Alcudia than up market Puerto Pollensa.

5. Can we have a patrol and signs to stop cyclists on the Promenade and Pine Walk?

6. The same regarding dogs and the mess their owners leave.

7. I am also a boat owner and the chaos encountered in the bay with boats left all over the place is terrible. This will lead to an accident with a swimmer. Can we have an organised mooring system?

8. What controls are there to prevent larger boats moored in the bay discharging “dirty” water into the sea?

9. When will we have a Town Hall water main into Bellresguard. The existing small pipe is not adequate to feed the development. We pay our Town Hall taxes and then have to buy tanker water.

10 . Can we have more traffic-free small streets, particulartly round the main square? Can we grass the main square and generally improve the appearance?

11 . When will the big road be built across the back of town? If not soon, why can't we have improved traffic flow on the existing streets to avoid traffic coming through town?

Finally, I congratulate Pollensa council's staff on the tremendous job they did after the big storm, they restored the place very quickly and efficiently. A job well done! Please preserve the Majorcan culture and atmosphere and let us enjoy Puerto Pollensa as the wonderful holiday resort that we have known for so long.

With very best wishes,

Don Prime. Quarndon,Derbs.

When is Fool's Day in Majorca?

Dear Sir,
A pril 1, is Fool's Day in the US. Reading your letters today (yesterday) leads me to think that it is August 28 in the Mediterranean or the United Kingdom.

Your first correspondent had a daft spiel on American farm policy and corn consumption.
The farm bill costs a 1'000 times the number given, though it is spread over several years. The vegetarian rubbish speaks for itself.
The second correspondent seeks a boycott of our wicked corporations that force no one to buy their products. Good luck reading labels, nutter.
But the prize goes to the bat who thinks Dubya plotted the bad weather on her Palma vacation. Her brain must have gotten waterlogged. Is publishing letters such as these a Fool's Day tradition.

It's quite funny.

Ralph McGaughey. Boston, MA, USA. By e-mail