I'm not alone in thinking that shops should extend their opening hours! As you will read in today's newspaper in the letters to the editor section tourists are snubbing Majorca simply because they are unable to go shopping when they want. The problem this winter is that the no frills airlines are operating daily services from a number of UK airports and this year there are probably more winter tourists than ever. But the problem is that the tourist industry has pushed on regardless and closed down as usual at noon on October 31 meaning that there are few attractions open. So the poor old tourist, desperate for something to do, and armed with the good old over-valued pound sterling decides to go shopping. Big mistake. As we know shops do not open on a Sunday at all, Saturday afternoon some do, some don't etc, etc. The best time to go shopping is between the hours of 10a.m. to 1.30p.m and 4.30p.m. to 8p.m. Monday to Friday (depending on public holidays, etc). All in all not very good when you come for a weekend away. I even considered going back to Britain to do my shopping because at least the shops do make an effort when it comes to opening hours. I even heard that the tourist authorities were planning to promote Majorca as a shopping mecca. Good idea but forget weekend breaks for obvious reasons. Come on Palma, you are a fantastic place but the time has come to move into the 21st century. I do blame the shopkeepers and I also blame the local government for trying to bring out-dated practices into commercial ventures. If you support my views or even if you don't send your letters to the Bulletin and I will make sure that they are passed on the shopkeepers associations and the local authorities. Perhaps, we can make them see the light.

Jason Moore