Dear Sir, Reference Laura Stadler's article last Sunday in the Bulletin that a friend of hers had rented an apartment to Peter Foster (the Australian at the centre of the Cheriegate affair) for the weekly rental figure of £850 and was surprised to learn he was a convicted felon.

I find this odd, to say the least, as taking up references should have revealed in one direction or another that this prospective tenant was flawed.
To pay an annual rental of over £42'000 someone would need to be in the £150'000 pa income bracket, and would thereby warrant glowing references. Maybe Laura's friend was naive or just blinded by obtaining a tenant to pay such a hefty rental. Being naive or blind to the facts is a conman's (as Foster was convicted for) stock in trade, and this is where someone like Cherie Blair fitted in quite nicely.

Someone has to be very insecure in themselves to have to employ an ex topless model at a reported £4000 per month to advise them on which clothes to wear, food to eat, and much more.

To then, by association with her guru, become involved with someone like Foster is unforgivable for someone in her position.
Many will remember the Profumo/Keeler scandal leading to the minister's resignation, all via Dr Ward.
While Tony Blair managed to cope with the sudden rise to the heady heights of Prime Minister, his wife has obviously found that step too large for her and, instead of taking a back seat and quietly getting on with her own career and interests (as a barrister invariably means representing clients against the govertnment body should have been enough) she has made herself a target of the media on more than one occasion.

Maybe she should have taken a leaf out of Norma Major's book, recognised as a quietly intelligent person, respected by all, and even Mrs Thatcher's husband, with his liking for the odd tipple, kept himself out of the limelight, knew and enjoyed his place, and was kindly treated by the press.

People in high places, even by marriage, have to be very careful and choose their friends and associates with care.
We all remember the Czarina Alexandra and her guru, Rasputin, and the results of that association.
Yours sincerely
Graham Phillips
Palma de Majorca