Dear Sir, I have been a regular visitor to your fantastic island for 21 years, and have got some marvellous friends there, hopefully one day I will settle there.

I read your letters column regularly and some of the replies you receive worry me.
I read the letter from Eileen Woodstock, Ipswich, England and I have to say a lot of what this lady says makes sense.
One gets the feeling that the traders, who don't forget have had a good 20 or so years, have lost their sharp edge in pleasing the tourist. If you have a good thing you have to work twice as hard to maintain it. They grumble about the euro which has certainly pushed up prices, and although the tourist tax isn't going to bankrupt the punter, it may one day haunt the traders.

In July 2002 I took my family to Turkey and have to say the locals were very helpful, trips were wonderfully organised and the lira lasted well.
There is a lot of competition in this world and maybe not much loyalty.
Yours is a great island and the powers that be should work relentlessly to keep it that way.
Yours sincerely, Stuart Wilkinson, Cumbria, England.