GULF bound U.S. warships are not welcome in the Balearics but what about those who are returning from the Gulf? And what about those who may be going to the Gulf but their captains are not sure at the moment? I bet the Balearic government has installed a hotline to the Pentagon and they are being kept well abreast of all movement of all U.S. warships. Obviously. So those ships which were welcome in the past because their crews were spending in excess of $1 million dollars a day are no longer welcome because their personnel may be asked to do a job which they have been trained for and the ships built for. The behaviour of the Balearic government at the moment on Iraq is disgraceful. The minister for tourism has accused the Prime Minister of the Spanish state of being a war-monger, U.S. warships are no longer welcome, Balearic ministers are taking part in anti-Bush demonstrations, and all of a sudden the Balearic leader Antich seems to have joined the international stage. One thing is for sure, we can kiss goodbye to the U.S. Navy. They will be going to ports on the mainland where their crews are being made welcome. In the same way as a considerable number of German tourists are staying away because they no longer feel welcome, gone are the days of the VI Fleet. Isn't it amazing what our Balearic government can achieve in just over three years. No sailors, no Germans. Who next? You've got to hand it to them. They haven't needed much time, have they? You couldn't accuse our politicians of resting on their laurels could you? Oh and by the way the local economy appears to be suffering. Wonder why?

Jason Moore