Dear Editor, Iread with interest the article in yesterday's paper (11/01/03) about stray pets.
I have been for many years a member of the Sociedad Protectora de Animales in Son Cladera. This week I took along a dog which had been abandoned in Son Ferriol.

Quite a number of dogs, not originally from Son Ferriol, are abandoned here. It seems as though people in Palma who want to “dump” a dog, come along the Manacor road and drop it at the first village they come to.

The lady at the Sociedad refused point blank to admit the dog. She said that they were full, and told me to take him to Son Reus. (Where he would last about 21 days). This is the same response this same lady gave me over a year ago with another dog.

I'm sorry to say I have cancelled my subscription to the Sociedad, until I hear that they have returned to their policy of accepting dogs in need of shelter.

Glynnis Rowley.