Dear Sir,

I am originally from Ireland, now a resident here in Majorca and I enjoy reading the Bulletin. In to-days edition (the 9th) your reporter Humphrey Carter wrote an excellent article on the “British can't get enough of Majorca”. I think he is correct in all his comments and the amount of flights from the UK can only improve the flow of visitors. My reason for contacting you having read the article is that the number of people in Ireland who would love to come to Majorca are curtailed because there is only one airline (Aer Lingus) who fly direct from Dublin to here and last year ceased flying in October. The other ways to get here are through charter companies or by flying to the UK and picking up one of the connections Carter mentions. This can work out quite costly because everyone is aware that in the summer months the traveller is at the mercy on airlines etc., and if one misses a connection lots of other additional expenses kick in. I was thinking that if these sort of points were aired in the Bulletin air lines like Ryanair, Air Berlin and easyJet, also the Balearic Tourist Board may see that there is another source of revenue waiting to be tapped especially in the off season when the Irish would flock here to play golf.

Yours sincerely, Adrian Elkinson
Mar del Sur
Nova Santa Ponsa