Dear editor, Reading your letters page about smoking I would like to say it's not the smoking that bothers me too much, it's the fag ends last year on our trip to the island. We noted the amount of fag ends everywhere; the beach was full of them, the hotel pool area was also full of them. I think hotels should think about banning smoking in certain areas. My eight year old daughter last year burnt her foot because somebody could not be bothered to use an ash tray that was round the pool terrace. As for graffiti, I think Majorca gets off pretty lightly compared to other areas of mainland Spain.

N. Cadman
By Email

Dear Sir, THE Bulletin's Irene Taylor will be comforted to know that George Scott is not alone here. The Es Moli at Deya has very few clients who smoke and the dining room has been non–smoking (and non–mobile phone) for some time – apart from a small smoking area at the far end, but still not use their wretched mobile.

A far cry from the day when the non–smoking area in a French restaurant used to be through a door into – the open air! Yours faithfully
Richard Harding

Dear Sir, After two years constant campaigning, I am happy to say that the restaurant in Corte Ingles finally accepted my constant nagging and has created a smoke free area. I would also like to plead with the Daily Bulletin to spear head a campaign for more restaurants to adopt this life saver.

My brother died of cancer of the lungs as a result of living with a heavy smoker. Every feeble minded person is perfectly entitled to kill themselves if they so wish, but no right to kill others. I would plead with like minded persons to join in a smoke free zones campaign .

Helen Courtney Lewis