Is Balearic leader Francesc Antich doing a Tony Blair? In other words concentrating on issues on the international stage when there are pressing matters at home which need his attention. I know it is a rather ridiculous comparison but in the last few months the leader of the Balearic government has whole-heartedly entered the debate over the sinking of the tanker Prestige off the coast of Galicia and now he is campaigning against war in Iraq. Meanwhile, the tourist industry is in recession, the economy has suffered the same fate, the number of unemployed continues to rise and so does the crime rate. All last week Antich was involved with the anti-war lobby and he has appealed for Balearic bases not to be used in case of attack on Iraq. My advice to Antich is the same as I would give to Tony Blair; get your own house in order first and then start worrying about your neighbours. In the case of Antich really his comments on the war are rather surplus. Its like asking the leader of a County Council in the UK whether he or she sees a possible peace in Ivory Coast. In other words he has no authority over the issue and although he is entitled to his opinion it carries about as much weight as a County Council leader. With the local elections only months away Antich should be trying to underline the fact that the Balearics is safe in his hands, that the economy will recover, that the jobless rate will fall, and that he is fighting on all fronts to get more police officers to deal with the crime rate. All international issues are dealt with by one man, and if Mr. Antich wants his address it is as follows; Mr. Jose Maria Aznar, La Moncloa, Madrid. Jason Moore