Dear Sir, “In Manacor, 850 children aged between three and five, each carrying a symbol of peace, filled the Plaza Ramon Llull with messages of peace....” This description of a peace rally is very disconcerting. This is not political dissent or activism. It is child abuse on worst Stalinist pattern. These kids have not a clue about what they are being used as props for. Any public employees entrusted with the care and education of youth who abuse their charges in this manner would be sacked in a civilized society. This totalitarian mindset would produce wars more surely than the bloody minded cabal that has a grip on Washington policy at the moment. One would be hard pressed to find anyone more opposed to the intended Iraq intervention than I am. It has nothing to do with the September atrocity.
It was outlined in a policy paper prepared for the fascist Likud incoming prime minister Netanyahu in 1996 by Richard Perle, now head of a Defence Policy section in the Pentagon and Douglas Feith now undersecretary of defense. Men of such dubious loyalty do not belong in public life. It is an Israeli war with Anglo–American casualties. It is a crime against humanity. That being said opposition to it cannot be allowed to abuse children. Who are these idiots whose best argument is to parade tots in the winter cold? What point does that make? It displays their rhetorical poverty to all. If it is not against the law it should be. If it is it should be prosecuted. Only cowards take stances behind shields made of babies. They are digusting. They shame a good cause.

Ralph McGaughey
Boston, MA, USA